Tipping & Gratuities Policy

An Important Note: Quality massage therapy is an investment of your precious time and hard-earned money. I always intend to treat it as such. The majority of massage therapists in a spa setting see themselves as part of a service industry, which is great! My goal is to view myself as part of the client’s health care team, and as such, I operate a little differently. One of those key differences for me is when is comes to gratuities. Oftentimes clients will talk themselves out of getting a massage treatment because of the perceived pressure to tip in addition to the fee for the massage service. It’s an issue that often prevents me personally from committing to taking care of myself through regular massage treatments, and it’s why I’m very upfront with my clients regarding my own tipping/gratuity policy. I do things a bit differently. For example, when you pay for your service with a card there is no prompt for you to add a tip. Clients would need to tell me directly that they want to add on a gratuity. Additionally, all massage services with me are all-inclusive.  I do not up-charge for different modalities or enhancements such as cupping, deep tissue work, or aromatherapy.

What matters the most: A client who puts their trust and faith in me to rebook, recommends me to a friend, or writes a favorable review online is worth far more to me than just money. As an independent therapist I set my rates based on my skills and experience, the area I serve, and my current demand. Unlike in a spa or franchise massage setting, gratuities are never expected. However, I try to go above and beyond for my clients, and I also consider myself to be a cheerful and generous giver.

With that in mind… I don’t want to prevent clients from choosing to express their gratitude, which is why I use any additional funds my clients choose to offer me to provide massage services and financial help to those who need it the most. All gratuities are recorded and go towards providing massage services and financial assistance to the affinity groups I work with locally and for sliding scale/reduced rate massages to those who are in need. At present, I am currently working with local organizations who support families of children and adults with special needs and to those involved in fostering and adoption. For more information on these groups who have a special place in my heart please see below. Also, if you know of a local nonprofit that may benefit from my support please let me know. Wishing you wellness!

Michael Zernial
Licensed Massage Therapist  #117015
Massage Therapy Instructor  #13029

Giving Back

How I’m Currently Serving the Groups I Support:

  • Free On Site Chair Massages for Staff & Caregivers
  • Free or Reduced Rate Sessions for Staff & Clients
  • Offering Chair Massage for Parents During Respite Events
  • Financial Support Through Fundraising
  • Donation of Other Goods, Services, & Time